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Victory Over Pelvic Pain

May 18, 2022

Guest bio: Melanie Sachs is a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault and other traumatic events. Melanie obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and worked under the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence right after college. She served for 2 Years in National Service as a member of the AmeriCorps Victim Assistance program as a crisis center advocate and as a Shelter Advocate on the night/overnight shift located in the Imminent Danger Shelter. Melanie relocated to in 2015 to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and worked at the local advocacy center for 6 years in two roles (Family Advocate and Forensic Interviewer) helping families navigate all systems and providing support in many capacities for Families who walk through the doors of as the result of child sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, witness to domestic violence or CSEC (Trafficking) along with conducting Forensic Interviews of Children for Law Enforcement and Child Protection (MDT Partners). Melanie served on the Board of Directors for SHIELD Task Force out of West Virginia for 2 years and in late 2020 Melanie accepted a position to be a part of SHIELD in a different capacity as a Training and Development Consultant and as a presenting member of their Speakers Bureau. Melanie is passionate about walking alongside others on their healing journey and since 2019 has embarked on sharing her experience with Pelvic Pain/Dysfunction on her Instagram @victoryoverpelvicpain and hashtag #victoryoverpelvicpain

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